Programming language: PHP7, database engine: Sqlite
Source code weight: 500 Kb only!

Straightforward development

At the core of Uzuvi is an idea that you can take any HTML page and add any values from database.

When you are using Uzuvi - you just have a great content-agnostic fields/values/folders editor and navigator. And you can use those values within any HTML page.

There is no need to turn your entire site into a theme, and you can use any Front-End frameworks, JavaScript plugins that you want. You can even use Uzuvi along with other CMS.

Custom Fields Everywhere

Uzuvi is content-agnostic and has no any predifined types of content. Just add custom fields and folders to prepresent your actual website data. So keep only usefull data without any unused trash.

Modify an existing site

Uzuvi is a brilliant choice if you need to change an existing site with a CMS, or just make some small parts of the site editable. No need to turn the whole site into a 'theme'.

Share content across pages

Make it easy to keep a site up to date by ensuring that content repeated around the site only needs editing in one place.

Themable Control Panel your clients will like

Content editors are often the 'forgotten users' of a website. Not so with Uzuvi. It's console makes editing content easy.

Make SEO simple

Uzuvi can help you ensure that your SEO is up to scratch. Giving clients ways to edit page titles and descriptions through the CMS.

Full Keyboard Support

Without mouse touch! Create, Select, Edit, Copy, Move, Delete objects with keyboard only.